Welcome to Sonrise Church Online

We are going to try to keep it as natural as possible. That means we are not trying to produce a high quality, edited broadcast. Instead, we aim to have the same organic feel to our online church service that you would have if you were with us in our church building on a Sunday!

a church for sinner and saint

The Journey Begins

 We are also trying through trial and error to produce a site where its more then just reading a statement or watching media but a site where you can interact with others, be encouraged and encounter God in a fresh way.

No Matter Your Back Ground

We hope you enjoy your visit to our Sunday morning online service, We want you to know that no matter your background or beliefs you are welcome. We hope once the present crises with COVID 19 is over you will also come and visit us on a Sunday morning at St Peter's!

Our Church

The Church started on 17th September 2000, so this is our 20th year. We are so excited because we know the journey has only just begun! The Church is led by founding Pastors Glenn and Cathy and a team of brilliant, passionate, young at heart, followers of Jesus!